Has Cruelty become the new Comedy?

The week the Onion called a 9 year old the c-word. Under intense media pressure The CEO issued an apology, and then former employees blasted him for apologizing. Earlier this week on E show Fashion Week Joan Rivers while talking about Heidi Klum made a joke about the Holucaust. Rivers has been blasted, but she is not backing down. She said it was a joke deal with it. So if you’re not laughing something must be wrong with you. No, that can’t be the answer. Cruelty has never been funny, but lately it has been masquerading as comedy. The night The Onion posted its tasteless tweet prior to taking it down the post had been retweeted over 400 times. Some probably in outrage, but many people found it humorous. What happened to us? We say we want to stop bullying but only about pet issues. We still bend over belly laughing when the press takes a swipe at Chris Christie weight, but if someone makes a comment about Hillary Clinton’s hair we come out swinging. We have perfected selective outrage to a science. Do we want a kinder, gentler society or do we want to snicker at the expense of someone else’s tears? We release verbal hand grenades everyday and stand in awe at the damage we cause, and then we say it was only a joke, but some of this is simply not funny. Share your thoughts.

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