Why is Dan Marino announcing he has a love child now?

Yesterday Dan Marino appeared on CBS The Talk. He was there to promote the Super bowl, but in the course of the conversation he was asked how many children did he have? Without hesitation he answered 6, but today we learn he actually has 7. the last child he had with a CBS co-worker 7 years ago. Until now it had been a secret, but the Super Bowl is a big stage, and sadly when you are in the spotlight your entire life is under a microscope. Nothing is secret.


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  • Bill  On January 31, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    There is a basic rule in damage control. When an undesirable story is about to be exposed, reveal it yourself. That way you can put your own spin on the story and it serves as the standard that subsequent reports will be measured against. And at that point it is old news. So I’m saying it is very likely that the story was about to break so he got out in front of it.

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