President Obama’s Second Term

Yesterday I watched the inauguration and I just did not feel the same way I felt the first time. In 2009 I was a true believer in the Hope and Change mantra that the President championed throughout the campaign, but over this past 4 years those high expectations have been replaced with a reality that is grounded both figuratively and physically. I am still a supporter of the President, but I learned that change can only really happen when people are willing to change. The president tried to reach out to Congress but his efforts were often rebuffed. We also saw that the growth of the Tea party helped tilt the balance in the 2010 election and the House of Representatives and make them even stronger in their resolve to stop the president’s agenda. I was disappointed that the president did not spend his initial political capital on addressing the nation’s unemployment. I believe that you can support the president and still question what he does. Too often people on the right take shots at obama supporters and say that we idolize him and he can do no wrong. On the flip side some people on the left believe that any criticism is almost akin to heresy. We have a duty to question our government officials, and we have a right and a duty to hold all government officials accountable. Remember we pay their salaries.

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  • Bill  On January 27, 2013 at 12:52 am

    I don’t know where to start with this. First, I would ask you to explain to me or at least to yourself what it was that you actually thought you believed in when you believed the “hope and change” mantra. Obama himself has publicly stated that he presented himself as a blank slate for the believers to imprint upon it whatever it was that they wanted to see in him. So what was it that you placed on that blank slate?

    For you to say that change only occurs when people want to change and the president was rebuffed by the Republicans on his attempts is like lamenting that if the Ravens lose the Super Bowl it is because the Forty Niners refused to cooperate with them in moving the football in the direction of their objective. Newsflash. They are opponents with opposite objectives. In each case, leadership skills and mastery of fundamental is required. Every president is opposed by the out of power party. Who faced any more opposition than Bill Clinton? But real executive leadership experience prepared him for the task.

    You point out that the Tea Party became a congressional force in 2010 and tilted the balance of power. Did you miss the first two years of the president’s term when the Democrats controlled everything? Oh yeah, that would have been the perfect time to address the unemployment situation as it was on a steep upward trajectory. Why didn’t he, one might ask? Because escalating unemployment causing millions to lose their employer based health insurance was making the socialist modeled Obamacare more palatable to them as they lived in constant fear of illness or accidents. And it worked like a charm.

    After four years of failed economic policy you say that you still support him. Why? What specifically has he done that you want more of and causes you to continue to offer your support? I understand offering continued support to our family members and friends in the face of failure. But when we hire someone to do a job and they fail, they should be fired. We don’t ordinarily keep them in our employ because they are charming or handsome or cool or because they have swag or because they are of the same skin shade. If they fail to deliver what they promised that they would do, fire them. This president failed to deliver on every promise.

    I ask you to ponder this question. In three and one half years when your son graduates from college, do you think the economic path that we are one will provide him with a positive employment outlook? Irrespective of what impact the current economic policy is having on our lives, I assure you the impact on the futures of our children and grandchildren will be far graver.

  • elogam  On January 27, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    President Obama is a very fortunate man. His presidency is occurring when the Republican Party is in the midst of imploding. Had the party been viable and effective, Obama’s participation in the inauguration would have been limited to greeting his successor at the White House and riding with him to the Capitol steps. And I don’t hold out that his successor wouldn’t have been from the Democratic Party. This president did NOTHING effective to get America back to work. Prominent black leaders have chaffed privately about 14% unemployment, especially under the first black president. I don’t advocate Obama playing the race card and saying “Y’all betta hire my people, or else!” like many people want, but I do expect him to phone a friend or something to figure out what actually creates jobs in this economy.

    My sincerest hope is that my party gets it’s collective act together in time for the midterm elections, because with just a FEW extra senators we can be in position to start triage on the damage this man has done to our nation. We now have everyone broken down into interest groups, each of which is declared “victimized”. Only by supporting Obama, they are told, can they hope to survive. Once we get the more sensible elements of that “rainbow coalition” to snap out of it, they’ll wonder why they supported a man for president who had no executive experience, no solid plan other than a strong charismatic personality, and a beautiful wife and family.

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