Is America sick of Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis preaching?

Ray Lewis has a testimony and he shares it freely with everyone. He does not pretend to be a perfect man, but he like all of us is flawed. Over the past few days I have heard sportscasters on ESPN say they are sick of him. So what are they sick of? Lewis motivates his team and the citizens of Baltimore. It is interesting that after the New England Patriots lost Sunday night Wes Welker’s wife chose direct the world to to Lewis’ Wikapedia page and read about the future hall of famer. there the reader would read about his children, girlfriends and legal issues. All of this is true, but does that explain her husband’s butter fingers? Welker has been dropping passes since last year. She has since apologized, but I for one and not tired of Lewis sharing his testimony and like it or not he will be doing just that until Superbowl Sunday.

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  • elogam  On January 24, 2013 at 12:56 am

    Ray Lewis is retiring after this next game. He’ll probably show up as an analyst somewhere, but until he hangs up his cleats he will be vocal about his faith. He has truly been on both sides of the railroad tracks, and he is trying to be a more positive role model. I commend him for trying.

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