Has the Obama Administration become intolerant of Traditional Christian Beliefs?

Pastor Louie Giglio had been asked to give the inauguration benediction, but yesterday he withdrew his name. He did this because he has taught against homosexuality and in this political climate that is a no no. Is being gay friendly and gay accepting a pre-requisite for doing anything at President Obama’s Inauguration? It looks like the answer is yes. President Obama has evolved on the issue of gay marriage and it seems that his evolution should have been adopted by all of his supporters. “Family Research Council President Tony Perkins pointed out that Obama shouldn’t have been surprised in the first place that an evangelical pastor held a biblical view on homosexuality. “This is another example of intolerance from the Obama administration toward those who hold to biblical views on sexuality,” he said in response to Giglio’s withdrawal. “Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, and Orthodox churches all actively proclaim that sexual intimacy within the marriage of one man and one woman is the only biblically-sanctioned human sexual behavior. Are the scores of millions of Americans who affirm these teachings no longer welcome at the inauguration of our president?” The Presidential Inaugural Committee said one of the biggest reasons they asked Giglio to deliver the benediction was because of his leadership in combating human trafficking. Giglio has raised awareness and millions of dollars during Passion conferences to combat modern-day slavery. But his record on compassion was brushed off over a mid-1990s sermon, Perkins lamented. “What is shocking is the intolerance of the Obama team that put such a high priority on forced acceptance of homosexuality that they totally disregard Pastor Giglio’s life work combating human trafficking,” the FRC head commented. “What we are seeing is the inauguration of a new era of religious intolerance in America.”* The Inauguration committee also invited Richard Blanco a gay poet to participate in the ceremony and that announcement was greeted with cheers, but in spite of the work that Giglio has done on human trafficking he is given the gentle nudge off the stage. Is our new tolerance actually a new intolerance? Share your thoughts.


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  • Spanish Inquisitor  On January 11, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    You knew you’d hear from me. Here’s the thing:

    If you want to call bigotry a “traditional religious belief” then you have to expect that people that don’t hold to your “traditional religious beliefs” are going to be intolerant of those beliefs. Civilization, and rational human thought, has advanced way beyond that encompassed by the thinking of iron age goat herders from the Middle East. We’re a bit more enlightened now, and realize that homosexuality is a natural human condition. Not predominate in the gene pool (if indeed it’s genetic) but still common, like red hair. The people that wrote Leviticus didn’t know that, so “tradition” needs to fall by the wayside, and allow intelligence to hold sway.

    But step back even a little further. This is a secular government that we are inaugurating our President to lead. Secular. That means non-religious. He wasn’t elected Archbishop of Washington. Why do we even have a religious benediction? We should be intolerant of traditional Christian pastors at the inauguration. We should be intolerant of Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, Nativist and even atheistic benedictions, too. Religion has no place there, and as you can see by the story that generated this stupid little controversy, all it does is divide people. It is not a uniting force, because there is no one benediction that applies to all Americans, other than the oath to uphold the Constitution.

    If you want a benediction, go to your church and ask your particular religious leader to benedict you.

  • elogam  On January 12, 2013 at 6:36 am

    I have previously debunked just about everything listed above so I won’t rehash. Instead I’ll just answer the question: Yes, Obama has become intolerant of any traditional Christian beliefs that upset a group which largely got him re-elected. He is canny though. He knows that turning his back on the principles of his faith will not matter as far as his salvation, because he believes that salvation is eternal. He figures he’ll answer for his lapses, but so what? He gets to be president for another eight years. So what if his eternity is lessened? Like Essau he has chosen to take the here and now over the fuller blessings of his foregone birthright.

    • Spanish Inquisitor  On January 13, 2013 at 4:39 pm

      I’m curious. What principles of his faith has he turned his back on?

  • -dp-  On January 14, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    I think it’s ridiculous that people are making it seem like Obama gave Louie Giglio the boot. Obama invited him!! Giglio withdrew *himself* from the inauguration. So, it’s not the case that Obama is intolerant of evangelical pastors. Quite the opposite. But evangelical pastors increasingly cannot handle the heat of the larger society pressing them on sexuality issues. So…they get out of the kitchen. Or in this case, the inauguration.

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