Is TLC Best Funeral Ever the new Amos and Andy?

Last night I was watching The Soup and they showed a clip from the new TLC series The Best Funeral Ever. I have heard alot about this show but I have not watched and will not. The clip showed funeral directors teaching people how to be professional mourners complete with all the necessary and over the top hysteria. The clip featured the funeral of a man who helped create the Chili resteraunt jingle “I Want my Baby Back Ribs.” Pallbearers strutted in carrying oversized ribs on their shoulders, and mourners were treated to ribs with a barbeque fountain for dipping. The preacher and the attendees were catcalling and eyerolling for the cameras. As I watched the show I thought of the series Amos and Andy. This show was run off the air by groups including the NAACP that found their behavior offensive. The difference is those actors were out of work after the show ended, and frankly there simply weren’t alot of roles for blacks in televsion’s golden era, but is that the case 60 years later? No, I don’t think so. These people are willing participants in this debacle, and anyone who watches these kinds of shows are equally responsible.

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