Will the Hillary Clinton haters apologize?

Hillary Clinton has a blood clot near her brain. Clinton has not been seen since December 7th. We were told that she had the stomach flu initially and she fainted due to dehydration. She sustained a concussion from the fall, but many on the right openly questioned her illness and said she was trying to avoid testifying on Benghazi. Well now what will they say? Will they apologize? No, the kind of people that wiould question the illness without any proof are not the kind of people who will apologize.

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  • Bill  On January 4, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    I disagree with your premise that one needs proof to question an assertion. It is the absence of proof which gives rise to question.

    Here is an interesting take on the story from the Canadian Free Press

    Why NOT Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Illness is Media Malpractice

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