ESPN analyst calls RG3 a “Cornball Brother”

ESPN analyst Rob Parker is questioning Robert Griffeth III’s blackness. he called him a “cornball brother” because Griffeth is rumored to be a Republican and he has a white fiancee. Well there you have it all the proof you need to make this ridiculous quatum leap. This is a problem when people set themselves up as the judge of true blackness. It is interesting that today my children were talking about what some people mean when they say you are acting black. they said some say if you say “yo, yo, yo” when someone addresses you, if you talk loud and where your pants low. This is not acting black this is simply perpetuating stereotypes. So parker has decided this guy is not a real brother he is a “cornball brother”, and that’s got to be the truth because a no name  ESPN analyst said so.

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  • elogam  On December 14, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Two questions: Who the HECK is Rob Parker? and who made him the Arbiter of True Blackness? I didn’t get a vote on that. Maybe you need to take a qualification course or something. People like this remind me of the crabs in the bucket analogy. Celebrate the non-political success of people regardless of their political affiliation. That’s just the adult thing to do.

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