Why did CNN Black in America feature Tim Wise as the expert on race?

Last night Tim Wise was the featured expert on CNN Black in America, some wondered aloud and on Twitter why was he chosen for this role? Was there a a black qualified speciilist in the field of colorism/race available. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.



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  • -dp-  On December 10, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    Actually, I am grateful they included Tim Wise. He is a sharp, audacious, and intelligent academic with a keen ability to cut to the heart of race issues with clarity, precision, and always an eye towards progress. Overall, I found the show boring…no new insight, lukewarm discussions, one-dimensional opinions, etc. If not for Tim Wise, the show would have been totally devoid of nuanced analysis.

  • elogam  On December 11, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Reading the comments on the twitterfeed just reinforced something for me: Racism is a serious problem in America–from the black-hand side….

    This notion that one must BE of a certain background or ethnicity or gender to gain expertise is facetious. If anything, I think it can give you a more unbiased perspective because you’re speaking on what you have learned and observed without all the baggage of having grown up a certain race/gender/ethnicity. Yes you need to really know your stuff, but I think you’d get a better picture of a group from the outside. Who’s a better doctor for a doctor? That’s right, someone other doctor. Who’s a better lawyer for a lawyer? Yep, another attorney. I’d rather someone who has devoted their academic life to studying a group from a distance be tapped to give a report than someone who might pull punches because they don’t want to be considered a “sellout”, air “family business”, or some other such foolishness. Combine that with an unabashed insistence of delivering the facts, whatever they may be, and I’d give the credibility card to an outsider. Yes a black person CAN be tapped as an expert, but I’d just as happily accept the word and work of a well-prepared outsider.

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