Are you ready for TLC The Real First Ladies of Atlanta?

first ladies tlc

We all are familiar with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well move over because in January we will meet the First Ladies of Atlanta. The First lady is the term usded to describe the Pastor’s wife in many black congregations. From the clip I saw they are a fiesty group, but one has wonder what are they really trying to show? “A first lady has to appear perfect because she sets the standard for the congregation. But if you pull back the curtain and see us for who we truly are you’d be shocked,” says one of the stars of the reality TV show. “They argue, get tattoos, work out to look hot and talk openly about sex, drugs and their not-so-godly pasts in a series certain to shake the Bible Belt,” writes’s Andrea Billups. “We are excited to work with TLC to profile the lives of these strong-willed women,” said Steven Weinstock, president of True Entertainment in a statement. “With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve.” Does your first lady really crave the spotlight? Share your thoughts.

The Sisterhood premieres January 1, on TLC.

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