Romney strategist Stuart Stevens says the president won because he was black, charming and had a billion dollars

Stuart Stevens summarizes the Romney campaign in a Washington Post op-ed. He claims that Romney won everybody, but the poor. That pesky 47%. Stevens claims the president won because of his charm, his blackness and his money. Conversely did Romney lose because of his lack of charm, his whiteness and his lack of money, but he too had a billion dollars. This line of logical simply does not pass the smell test. Romney lost for a number of reason and after reading this I would say that delusional Stuart Stevens is probably one of the reasons.

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  • Vernon Malcolm  On December 3, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    The problem is that all those atomistic macho contractors have their wives working for the government to get them all benefits, not to mention the real reason they work for themselves is so no one can see them break the law or go out of business. This is why Galbraith advocated that we prefer big business, big labor and big government.

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