Did Gray Thursday kill Black Friday?

I spent my Thanksgiving cooking and eating and then eating some more. We watched movies and has a great time, but I refused to go shopping. I got up early this morning and went to Target and Walmart and it felt as if I had missed all the fun. The true shoppers had made the decision last night to cut the turkey time in favor of early shopping time, and by the time I arrived Friday morning the frenzy and a lot of the deals had died. So I had the opportunity to peruse the store with very little interference from other shoppers, but the hustle and bustle was missing so I headed to the mall and there I found the crowds. All is right with the world again. Did you go shopping today? Share your thoughts.

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  • Melissa  On November 24, 2012 at 1:30 am

    I kept the same tradition. I enjoyed my company and ate. I went to sleep and ate again. I shopped online Friday morning instead. I went to SAMs at 7:00 this evening and it was very calm, calmer than any Saturday. Everybody had already been out and no one was in my way.


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