What are US citizens entitled to?

The Declaration of Independence outlines a very small list of entitlements. Three things are mentioned “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” That’s pretty much what we as Americans are entitled to have, but somewhere along the way we decided that Americans were entitled too much, much more. As we stand at the “fiscal cliff” I believe we might have to take a look at what is a true entitlement. My late father used to be a mailman. That’s what they called it back in the day, and I can remember him getting up very early and being happy to be working, but I can also remember him saying at the first of the month many of the people on his route would see him along the way and ask him “did he have their check?”. At the time I did not understand his irritation at the question, but later I learned that many able-bodied people were actually receiving checks from the government to sustain their existence. I am not talking about mothers with children, I am talking about people who during that timeframe should have been able to get a job. That was in the ‘70s now 40 years later we have even more people receiving checks for a myriad of reasons, and they expect the checks to keep coming, but will they? What are people actually entitled to have in this 21st century? If you work you have contributed to Social Security and I do believe people who contributed to that are entitled to that when they retire, but they contributed to the fund. It seems hard to reconcile being entitled to something that you never contributed to. I actually clip and use coupons for grocery shopping, but many a day I have stood behind someone with freshly done hair, a Coach bag, Ugg boots and a shopping cart full of steak and shrimp pull out an Independence Card (food stamps) to pay for it. I think people are free to buy whatever they can afford, but should the government subsidize their groceries? Are they entitled to this help? What happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? When did we amend it to include and a bunch of other stuff? Share your thoughts

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