First Lady Michelle Obama was not responisble for the president’s poor debate performance

This evening I googled the first lady’s name and I saw a story attributing the president’s debate performance to the first lady. The article was in The Examiner and the headline said there were two sources putting the blame on Michelle Obama. The two sources: Bill Maher and Saturday Night Live. Let’s get real. They are not sources. You would describe them as a comedian and a comedy show, but not sources.

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  • eb  On October 8, 2012 at 2:49 am

    The truth is and will always be an absolute defense to a lie, and the truth is that there were no teleprompters. The President, his campaign, his surrogates, and his wife are acting like children and they should stop making excuses. I am sure that he will have a heads up with the questions for the next debate because now they are acting like Chicago gangsters and its so sad. America is watching and its ugly.

  • mumlawyerlettered2themax  On October 8, 2012 at 4:34 am

    I am glad some of the Left wing think this is something funny. Obama’s performance was dreadful. He should have known as many other folks did, that Romney is a strong debater, he is desperate to be president because he thinks he is rich and deserves it and last of all, but most importantly, HE CHANGES POSITIONS LIKE AN ESCORT ON 24 HOURS CALL AT A WALL STREET RETREAT.

    During the debate, why did Obama not continue to remind Romney of his old positions on, for example about Obamacare, and tell him as Kennedy did in his debate with Romney, that Romney is an untrustworthy fellow because he constantly shifts positions because it is politically expedient, is a MYSTERY.

    We have had a Romney in the WH before (G.W. Bush). However, Bush was a more compassionate but Rudderless man. He got us into two wars, was controlled by the Neocons, pimped by Rove, and ran this country aground economically. It was the Wild Wild West and Wall Street raped Americans with great aplomb, unregulated, uncaring, Brazen.

    Now, we look set to elect another rudderless desperado into the highest office in the world,unless Obama can get his act together NOW.

    I hope Obama can do so. Meanwhile, I watch with baited breath all the benefits bestowed on the middle-class by Obamacare, and wonder what Romney the BILLIONAIRE (yes, I wrote Billionaire because in MA, since he hid his money so much, we concluded he was far richer than he was admitting to be), has in store for the middle-class,, people whom he HAS NEVER EVER KNOWN, ASSOCIATED WITH NOR UNDERSTOOD. He will rip the middle-class to shreds.

    I still hope Romney loses. But, unless Obama does some focused campaigning in these final weeks, Romney will take his MA destroying behind and sit in the Oval office. Now, to those of us who lived under his governance, that is VERY scary stuff. YIKES.

    Now let us pray… Dear God, please keep Romney out of the WH, do anything to save us from another Bush in Mormon garb. We barely escaped a recession and destruction the last time, please save us from another Romney/Bush term and protect us from Big Pimpin’ of the WH by Karl Rove…Amen… *phew…* And the EDUCATED AND INFORMED NON-HYSTERICAL middle class said AMEN. 🙂

  • rdrevilo  On October 8, 2012 at 11:36 am

    of course not…Pres. Obama has set this Alien, Romney, up…the next debate will be much different…peace

  • eb  On October 8, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    I disagree with your comments/talking points and I have not seen any leadership in the past four years. Therefore my prayer is for God to give our nation back those bleesings that HE has started taking away.

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