Ann Coulter on The View…does she actually believe what she says?

Is Ann Coulter controversial for the sake of being controversial? You be the judge. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

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  • Spanish Inquisitor  On September 27, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    I have never thought she possibly believed what she says. If she honestly does, she’s an idiot, and she never struck me as an idiot. She’s quite smart. She knows what she is doing. She looks for what is generally seen as orthodox thinking, (liberals are in favor of civil rights for blacks) and posits the exact opposite, knowing it will generate a lot of heat and controversy, which will in turn sell her books, and allow her to generate appearance and speaking fees.

    It’s a job. She’s good at it. Gullible people pay her salary. It’s that simple.

  • elogam  On September 28, 2012 at 12:58 am

    More evidence that liberals cannot POSSIBLY conceive that there is a point of view that is different from their view. Note that Ann not only made statements, she gave references to support them. Note that the women on the panel referred to “voter suppression” but never gave evidence that asking someone to provide a picture ID actually suppressed the vote. Note that Whoopi, mental giant that she is, instantly went to the race card in an effort to intimidate Ann. (“Tell me what you know about being Black!”). This is not Ann’s first rodeo; she’s on to that worn out trick. She told Whoopi, who hadn’t bothered to read the book, that the book wasn’t about being black, it was about how liberals don’t truly care about blacks. Ann for the most part, is right. Liberals care about black VOTES, but (generally speaking) not about blacks. Otherwise, liberals would support things like school choice, privatization of Social Security (blacks generally die sooner than whites, and benefit LESS from Social Security because when the beneficiary dies, their payments cannot be left to other family members), and would support voter ID laws (Instead of whining “voter supression!”, organize taking people down to the DMV to get photo IDs and get them REGISTERED.) These are things that will allow more blacks to move into the middle and upper class, and away from an entitlement mentality that so many have and cling to.

    One thing I disagree with Ann on is something she didn’t say here but has said elsewhere. Ann has said that Civil Rights are for black people, not other groups. Civil rights are for ALL people. We need to disassociate “Civil Rights” from “entitlements”, because the two are not mutually inclusive.

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