I am not a Victim, and I support the President

I support the President and I do not receive a government check. I come from a family that works and has worked hard to get everything we have, but I know that there are people who need government help. Not because they are victims and not because are lazy, but perhaps they are sick or have lost their jobs and they simply need help. Sure there are people that play the system and there are people who do believe that they are entitled, but to broadstroke Obama’s supporters like this shows us the heart of this candidate. It is impossible for me to believe that they could have believed that this conversation would remain behind closed doors. When I watched this story on the NBC Nightly News Chuck Todd was quick to compare this to candidate Obama’s statement in 2008 about voters that “cling to their guns and religion”, but the difference is clear. President Obama did not dismiss them, but candidate Romney does dismiss the 47% and that is troubling. I watched Romney address the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce today and he actually was trying to persuade them to vote for him, and I thought of how Romney addressed the NAACP last summer. The difference is Romney told the NAACP that if they were looking for someone to give them something vote for the president. Romney has no love for the 47%, but that is not really news. He has been telling us for months. Maya Angelou once said “when someone shows you who they are believe them.” Maybe now people will actually believe Romney.

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  • TizMellyMel  On September 18, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    To assume every supporter of the President Obama is on some sort of assistance and is looking for a handout is insulting. This is just another example of, if Romney is elected, the middle-class will be treated.

    P.S. I am NOT a victim either as I work hard and am not on any type of assistance AND I support the POTUS.

  • LadyLee  On September 19, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    He just alienated and insulted many folks. And he tried to walk it back by saying that he was not speaking elegantly, but off the cuff. Which is the same as saying he was saying exactly how he feels. Interesting.

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