Miami Dolphins cut Chad Johnson after head butting incident

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) has been cut by the Miami Dolphins. This comes after Johnson was arrested for head butting his bride Evelyn Lozada. After the incident Lozada ran to a neighbor’s house for assistance. Some have questioned whether she should have made the incident public. Johnson still sees himself as a superstar, and teams put up with all kinds of bad behavior from their superstars, including domestic violence, but Johnson is a has been and has beens are held to the standard of mere mortals. Mortals are expendable and that is what Johnson was. His coach had warned him earlier about his use of profanity during interviews and Johnson simply was not used to having his behavior questioned, but Saturday night put the period at the end of his tenure in Miami. They dropped him so I guess they will now have to rely on the Basketball Wives checks. Well that’s if they stay together.

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