Politico writer Joe williams says he is the target of a conservative smear campaign

Last week Politico reporter Joe Williams appeared on MSNBC Martin Bashir’s show. During the course of the conversation Williams said Mitt Romney was more comfortable around “white folks”. I actually agree with him, but Politico suspended him for these remarks, and that is their right. When you work for someone and make a statement that associates their brand with your statement your employer has a right to suspend you or possibly fire you. Williams claims that he is the victim of a right wing smear, and that too might be true, but if you are bold enough to make the statement you must be bold enough to deal with the fallout.


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  • Bill  On June 29, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Joe Williams is a victim of his own racism as demonstrated by his racist smear against Romney. It’s incredible that he pleads victimhood. Poor baby.

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