Will Smith Slaps Reporter who tried to kiss him…was he wrong?

Will Smith was walking the red carpet in Moscow when a male reporter asked him for a hug. He obliged him, but the reporter took it to another level when he tried to kiss him. I wasn’t going to post on this until I saw the TMZ story which is linked at the bottom of the post. First, the headline says that Smith “attacked” the reporter. No one has a right to kiss you on the lips without your consent and if you object and lash out that is not an attack. Secondly, the article says “for the record, Will just came out in support of gay marriage.” What does gay marriage have to do with this incident? Nothing. Smith had a right to do what he did and the reporter is lucky that is all he did.


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  • J. Casper (@repsac3)  On May 20, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    I agree with you… …but I’m still kinda sorry he didn’t let it go at the initial shove. I know it was done in the heat of the moment–and even that I might’ve done the same, myself–but the slap across the face was excessive.

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