Should you be arrested for not paying your tip?

A group of friends went to a Houston area resteraunt. The resteraunt had a policy of adding a 17% tip on the bill of parties of 5 or more. The group said the service was less than stellar and they wanted the 17% taken off, and they would pay what they deemed fair. Instead the police were called and the group was detained until they paid the 17%. What do you think about this? The tip policy was not secret it was clearly posted. Should the police have been called? Share your thoughts.

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  • sunnydelyte21  On May 3, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Wow that’s a little on the extreme side. But they should’ve read the signs and asked questions prior to ordering.

    Calling the cops? Really? Too Much

  • Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209  On May 3, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    HOUSTON – Jasmine Marks said she was trying to enjoy dinner recently with several friends at La Fisherman, located at 1935 Highway 6 South. She said

    (A) The service was less than stellar ;
    (B) The wait staff was rude ;
    (C) Their drinks didn’t get refilled and
    (D) They didn’t receive their entire order .

    This event protocol , if (D) is correct , IGNORING the 17% tip issue
    ¶_1 Raise question in (D) ;
    ¶_2 Ask that the bill be adjusted , to compensate for the missing items , including
           that the 17% be applied to adjusted sub-total ;
    ¶_3 Bring (A) , (B) and (C) to the attention of management .
    ¶_4 IF ¶_2 fails , THEN pay bill with a credit card and leave with an itemized receipt ;
    ¶_5 Seek an adjustment on credit card charge with your CC bank or credit union ;
    ¶_6 IF ¶_5 fails , THEN go after restaurant in small claims court , first using dispute
     resolution if that is available .
    ¶_7 IF ¶_6 fails , THEN —►L A W F U L L Y◄— GET EVEN ‼


    {¶ 1} Make future reservations for every table in the restaurant;
    {¶ 2} Each reservation is for a couple & 10 minutes apart , with busy hour in middle .
    {¶ 3} All couples arrive on time and are dressed appropriately for the venue .
    {¶ 4} All couples are models of civility and courtesy towards wait staff at all times . .
    {¶ 5} Avoid high profit items such as appetizers and beverages other than water .
    {¶ 6} IF à la carte , THEN order a low cost entrée and skip extras or sides .
    {¶ 7} Consume the meal s-l-o-w-l-y , using the Lynn Belvedere “28 chew” method.
    {¶ 8} Politely decline dessert .
    {¶ 9} Tip servers appropriately, from 5% to 35 % ,based on service quality ..

    • elogam  On May 5, 2012 at 3:59 pm

      Y’know Jim, you’re very creative, but I must say if you make it all the way to 7, That takes a lot of people and a lot of time. And that assumes the restaurant takes reservations. Why would you bother spending any more money with someone who has bad service and the poor sense to abuse customers in the day and age of internet reviews and blog posts? If the manager refused to accommodate the group, The patrons should have paid the bill and told the manager they were going to take their case to the court of public opinion. Wouldn’t it be more effective to hit up every blog with how bad the service was? I’d blast the name of the restaurant, the manager, the waiter or waitress who provided bad service, everything, onto the internet so people would know what I dealt with. Most of the sane restaurant operators know that they need to accommodate unhappy patrons or they’ll end up suffering in the review section.

  • George SMADU  On May 4, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Stupid Americans! Only in America is possible such an idiocy. Show me another country in the world to call police to arrest people for not leaving a tip!!! A tip by definition is not compulsory!!! Stupid America, stupid Americans!

    • elogam  On May 5, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      So George, how do you REALLY feel? I don’t know where you’re from, but there are cultural differences in ALL countries. In some places, you have to “tip” for everything. Try going to Mexico or several other Latin American countries and not “tipping” the administrator to get things done. Try going to Venezuela and refusing to pay (and tip) your “escort” for services she feels she rendered properly.

      The bill CLEARLY states that for large parties there is a 17% gratuity. That is because large parties are a challenge for the wait staff and kitchen. This is not uncommon, at least not here. Stiff them that amount and you are refusing to pay a lawful bill. Your country may have a different setup, and if I were there I’d respect that.

      Now, just a word of advice. Don’t judge broadly. Saying “Stupid America, stupid Americans” because of a minor issue ignores the fact that wherever you are from, you are posting on a BLOG, on the INTERNET, using a PERSONAL COMPUTER. ALL of these are possible because of the intellect and ingenuity of “Stupid America, stupid Americans” who INVENTED them; something your backwater country could not have done, or else they would have. We don’t ask you to thank us for making the 21st century possible, we just ask that you show the same courtesy and respect you would expect us to show you.

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