Sgt. Gary Stein discharged for Offensive Obama Facebook posts

Social media forums have provided us with a platform to speak to people we might never meet, but sometimes that forum can turn around and bite us. Just ask Sgt. Gary Stein who decided to criticize the President on Facebook. His posts have led to him being dishonorably discharged from the Marines. he now says if he could he would take it all back and he would like to apologize to the president, but sadly it is too little, too late.

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  • elogam  On April 26, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    As a military veteran who was both enlisted and an officer, I have little sympathy for this former Staff Sergeant. He’s senior enough to know the rules; you DO NOT disparage the Commander-In-Chief, no matter how much you disagree with his policies on ANY issue. Didn’t he see what happened to McKhrystal, a four-star general? McKhrystal’s STAFF did the majority of the damage on that, and If Obama’s ego can discharge a highly competent and qualified officer for what his staff did, taking out a Staff Sergeant for posting sedition is like snapping a match stick.

    I’m glad Stein has a real estate license and a fallback career. I wish him well in his civilian career.

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