Why is Sheryl Underwood on The Talk?

Today the women on CBS The Talk appeared at the beginning of the show sporting Afro wigs. They did this in honor of Cher who wore one to the GLAAD awards last night. Sheryl Underwood made the comment that they looked like the Jackson Five, but she took it a step further by saying co-host Aisha Tyler looked like Michael Jackson after he had his cosmetic surgery. The co-hosts all laughed, but I wonder would this have been funny if their frequent guest co-host LaToya Jackson had been present? Underwood received some tweets this afternoon from MJ fans who took offense to the joke. Underwood was not done when, the subject of Ron Artest and his cheap shot from yesterday came up Underwood defended his actions by saying “that’s basketball.” Underwood is very outspoken, but she is seemingly at the table for comic relief which is understandable because she is a comediane, but she often goes off the rails and no one at the table seems to be able to bring her back. Today she needed help off the third rail, and she did not get it. Underwood and Tyler have brought a new energy to the table, but Tyler brings the funny, but often Underwood does likewise, but she often steps on it, and leaves the viewer not wanting more but yearning for less.

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  • Toosharp  On April 24, 2012 at 7:02 am

    EM, didn’t you post recently about Leah Remini tweet regarding the firing of her and Holly Robinson-Peete? Maybe Ms. Remini was let go for not being “ghetto” enough. That being said they get what they pay for; Holly Robinson is a class act and should’ve never been let go.

  • Magsy  On April 24, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    It’s the mark of an unfunny comedienne, when the butt of her joke is relating to the appearance of someone who suffered skin conditions such as vitiligo and lupus, received 1st degree burns, was wickedly tormented by his father about his facial features and was plagued by insecurities regarding his appearance. Cruelty and callousness cannot be mistaken for comedy.

    Furthermore, Jackson didn’t have as much plastic surgery as people seem to think – much of the change in his appearance is an illusion caused by the severe loss of pigmentation as a result of his vitiligo and skin inflammation from lupus along with a natural shape change due to age. Unflattering press photos were also part of the mix.

    Would Ms Underwood have made such cruel comments about someone in a wheelchair, who was blind or suffering from autism? Someone needs to teach her where the boundaries of decent behavior and respect for others lie.

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