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Jesse Jackson’s daughter Santita Jackson is joining Fox News is this a good thing?

Santita Jackson is leaving WVON chicago to join Fox News. I have appeared on her radio show and she is a fair, balanced interviewer, but she does have a point of view. Will she be a good fit? is this their attempt to truly become fair and balanced? what do you think is this a good move for Jackson?



Who was the Hoodie wearing Pastor at the White House Easter breakfast, and was it appropriate?

This morning Pastor Jamal Bryant said on Twitter that his dad Bishop John Bryant was wearing a hoodie to the White House Easter breakfast. Bishop Bryant resides in Illinois. He did it in honor of Trayvon Martin? Was this appropriate to do at a White House gathering? Tell me what you think.

Rush Limbaugh says the Travon Martin case is hurting the black community…really?

Rush Limbaugh is known for saying outrageous things but the other day he linked the Trayvon Martin case to President Obama’s reelection bid and I had to just stop and take it all in. The two thinks have nothing to do with the other. Trayvon Martin was killed by an over zealous wanted to be cop. This case was mishandled from the jump and the media scrutiny is why this case is receiving the attention it warranted in the beginning . some on the right have sought to exploit this boy’s death for their own means and some on the left have done likewise. It was a tragedy and I do not believe the president’s team would stoop so low to use this case.

Baltimore Raven Quaterback Joe Flacco says he is the best and now he is getting blasted, but isn’t this the American Way?

Baltimore Raven quarterback said the following in reference to himself “I mean, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’m top five, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’d be very successful at my job if I didn’t feel that way. I mean, c’mon? That’s not really too tough of a question.” he is being blasted for saying this and everyone from the man on the street to the sports pundits at the desk are taking him on for saying this, but isn’t this what we are taught to think? Don’t we want people to work hard and be assured that their hard work pays off? why do we blast someone for saying that they think they are the best? Tell me what you think.

April 4, 1968 Dr. King was killed…why are we still looking for a leader 44 years later?

Dr. King was assasinated 44 years ago. American lost a man who was dedicated to non-violent change. A man who literally put his life on the line daily in his dream for true racial equality. King lived in a time when the wrongs were very visible and apparent. He fought for what we would see as basic human rights: the right to sit anywhere on the bus, eat at a lunch counter and vote. There were laws against these things and he sought to change what some saw as normal. He helped usher in a new normal. In many towns he was viewed as an outside agigtator, but what he did is provide a voice to those who had no voice in their own communities. MLK expressed what so many were thinking but afraid to verbalize, but he did not do this alone. He built relationships with people who could help. The colitions he created had people of all hues fighting for one cause: Justice. So today we should reflect on a life well spent, but cut off to soon. he has been dead for 44 years and it seems like black people are still in search of a leader. King’s not coming back and if he did the world he knew does not exist. We live in the information age but still so many are connected and still know nothing. We are a people in search of a cause and when we don’t find one we invent one. A few weeks ago everyone was talking about Kony 2012. What happened with that? I saw people on news shows balling their eyes out and wondering how can we help people a world away, but these same people would not put one foot in a local soup kitchen. There is something that each of us can do right here, right now. We might not impact the world like Dr. King, but we all have the capacity to change a life in our own orbit.

Did the Burger King Chicken commercial damage Mary J Blige’s brand?

Burger King is trying to re-brand their resteraunts. They are introducing new menu items. Their new chicken wraps were introduced by Mary J Blige, but some in the black community have been offended by the commercial. They claim that Blige plays into the stereotype of black people loving chicken, and the idea of a black woman standing on top of a table singing about chicken was really not a very good idea. The ad has been pulled from youtube. The linked article includes the ad watch it and tell me what you think.


Has Rick Santorum turned into the jealous “bridesmaid”?

Ask any woman who has ever planned a wedding and she will tell you about that one difficult bridesmaid. She might be her sister/cousin/friend/future sister in law the bottomline she is the problem child. She complains about the color/cost of the dress, the venue, sometimes she even complains about the groom, but she is in the wedding. She’s going to walk down that aisle with you kicking and screaming, but she will be a part of the bridal party. You know it and she knows, but she has to come to grips with it. Sometimes you ask why is this woman acting like such a fool, and you realize she wants to sing the Vesta Williams song Congratulations. For those unfamiliar with the song the lyrics include this phrase “it should have been me.” That’s the problem with Rick Santorum he has become the jealous bridesmaid. He knows this is not going to be his time, but he refuses to take his place in the processional. Last night when he was making his speech I came in the room and my husband said he was making his concession speech after listening for a few minutes it was apparent that Santorum was not conceding anything he was vowing to press on. He is moving on to his home state and he expecting them to show him some love. The Pennsylvania primary is April 24th maybe if Santorum loses his home state primary he might be ready to take his spot in the line, and reluctantly support the Mitt Romney. At some point the jealous bridesmaid comes to grips with reality, and learns to smile in spite of her personal pain and realize that maybe one day she will be the bride.