Mother Makes Daughter Wear “I’m a Thief” Tee shirt…fair or unfair punishment?

The daughter was arrested for shoplifting at a local mall. The mother is now forcing the daughter to wear a tee shirt which brands her as a thief. This is the second story this week in which the parent has used some form of humiliation as a teaching tool, but does this kind of thing actually work. Tell me what you think.

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  • Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209  On March 14, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    It can work.

    Ideally, the girl would have been “caught” by her mother and no charges filed.

    The mother then would escort her daughter to the victim vendor, have the daughter pay for the shirt AND EXPLAIN WHY THE PAYMENT WAS LATE.

  • elogam  On March 15, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    It only works if it’s done by a parent who has established that they love their child and want the best for them. Absent that foundation, it will only bring on resentment.

    I tell people that black parents have a different concept of parenting from their white counterparts. You saw the video awhile back of the uncle who strapped his nephew for being ‘gansta’ on FB, the man who put the sign around his slacker of a son’s neck, and now this. Black parents who love their children will go to extremes to make sure they are upstanding, law-abiding citizens when they leave the nest, and they do so by any means necessary. I told both my sons that I’d go to jail if I had to if it meant they came out of the process on the right side of society. I also used the (half-joking) argument that “Your mom brought you into this world, I can take you out of it and make a replacement.” I say half-joking. Some of you will remember the Spike Lee movie where at the end the elderly father shot and killed his drug-addicted and violent son because he loved him and, realizing the son would never change, couldn’t bear to see him live that way. White audiences were aghast, but black families understood.

    So what am I getting at? If I’m willing to go to jail to get my point across, you can bet I’ll use a little humiliation to get my kids on the straight and narrow.

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