MLK Strip Club Flyer? Designer Meant No Harm

You know you think you can’t be shocked and then some fool comes along and shocks the heck out of you. We all know that retailers use holidays as a means of promoting their goods. Last year i saw an ad with Dr. King in a wetsuit promoting wetsuits in a California surfing shop, but that pales in comparision to this hot mess. The designer said he did not mean to offend he simply was promoting his business. Really? It is hard to believe he did not know this was offensive. Perhaps he simply wanted to cause a buzz and he did accomplish that, but really. I wrote a post on King day and said too many of us remember Dr. King as bigger than life, but he was mortal like us. He was a man, but not this kind of man.

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  • elogam  On January 19, 2012 at 2:11 am

    While I agree this is tacky and I wish they wouldn’t do it, we have to acknowledge that Washington, Lincoln, Uncle Sam, and a host of other people and patriotic images have been used to hawk stuff. MLK is not a religious icon; he was a man. If Honest Abe can be used to sell used cars, Why can’t Dr. King invite people to get their swerve on?

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