Jerry Sandusky Admits showering with boys, but he is not a pedophile

Jerry Sandusky has admitted showering with boys, but he says there was no sexual intent. Really? A grown man not there father is horsing around with boys in the shower and this is innocent. Sandusky makes these statements to NBC’s Bob Costas. Sandusky said
“I say that I am innocent of those charges,” he said, though when asked if had done anything wrong, he acknowledged, “I shouldn’t have showered with those kids.” Where is his attorney? We live in a country that believes you are innocent until proven guilty. Sandusky admits to being guilty of very bad judgment and over the next few months we will see if he is guilty of more heinous crimes, but for now he needs to sit down and simply be quiet.

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  • elogam  On November 15, 2011 at 2:27 am

    I find it interesting that Sandusky is using the same type of defense that Michael Jackson used when he was asked about sleeping in bed with boys. A large percentage of the black community gave him the benefit of the doubt; saying he was “weird, but not a pedophile.” I wonder if there will be a similar conclusion drawn by the black community in this case. Some how I think not.

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