When President Obama speaks tonight will anyone be listening?

Tonight the president will be presenting his job plan to the nation. He will address a joint session of Congress and many in the audience will be reluctant participants. Three Republicans have said they simply won’t attend. One says he has a football party, one will be conducting a Twitter town hall and the other one says he has heard it before. I’ll be listening, but with a sense of dread. I simply don’t know what he could say that would shift the mood of the nation. Unemployment is the issue, and it is not a new issue. It was an issue when the administration spent the first two years addressing healthcare. It was an issue when the summer was squandered on the debt ceiling debacle, and it is still an issue now and no speech is going to turn this tide. This is not just a problem for the president to resolve. Congress has to do more than just say no. Sure the Republicans want to take the White House next year, and with things going down hill they see a light at the end of the tunnel, but they can’t simply opt for standing still in the face of disaster because that would ensure a Republican victory next year. The fact is this whether you like the president or hate him tonight he deserves the nation’s attention. Yes, it is Football Night in America, but after the game is over we still will be faced with the same problems and we need some solutions. So I encourage everyone to listen tonight it is simply too important to our nation to turn a deaf ear to the leader.

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  • Bill  On September 8, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    So you encourage everyone to listen to the president tonight. Why? Many American, I among them, are suffering from Obama speech fatigue. What are you expecting to hear other than the same old tired rhetoric about “investments” in bridges, roads and infrastructure? You know; those shovel ready projects. Oh, I hope he determines if those shovel ready projects are shovel ready this time. He blew nearly one trillion dollars the last time by outsourcing those expenditures. Where are the jobs from that venture?

    This guy remains clueless about economics but in his defense, he did not present himself as having past success in any kind of business or economic venture. His supporters apparently attributed those qualifications to him based on his charm, eloquence and mastery of the use of a teleprompter. There is absolutely nothing in his background, experience or on his resume that would have led discerning individuals to believe that he was prepared for the job. So I personally hope the Republicans continue to say no to his deficit ballooning Keynesian solutions.

    And if anyone prefers to watch the season opening NFL game but desires to know what he says, they only need to google the youtube recordings of his previous eight or nine “pivot to focus on jobs” speeches.

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