Allen West says he is the “Modern-Day Harriet Tubman”

So Allen West is the great Emancipator. As a matter of fact he compares himself to Harriet Tubman. He is truly a legend in his own mind, but in spite of his exaggerated sense of self does he have a point? Tell me what you think.

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  • Hoppy  On August 18, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Plantation politics? It began with reconstruction, grew enormously with FDR, and reached its pinnacle with LBJ. West is absolutely correct.

    • Bill  On August 18, 2011 at 4:17 pm

      Hoppy I agree with your chronology of the evolution of plantation politics. Beyond the reign of LBJ, plantation politics went parabolic with the ascension of Blacks into the congressional ranks. Their mandate for forty years has been to keep the “field hands” docile, apathetic and complacent.

  • Circle City News  On August 18, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    So what exactly is Mr. West and his party’s plan to help Blacks?

    • Elogam  On August 19, 2011 at 2:17 am

      Circle City News, that is a GREAT question.

      While I do not speak for the Republican Party, I share many of their values. Those values are hard work, personal responsibility, maximum liberty with maximum accountability, Republicans do not believe that ‘government’ has the solution for ANY group. Many blacks are mistaken if they think Republicans will dole out a slew of federal programs that will keep Blacks dependent on “the man”. Instead, Republicans will advocate:

      -Personal responsibility. No person should benefit from making irrational personal decisions which involve babies having babies, young people being discouraged financially from marrying, subsidizes those who refuse to learn, and coddles those who victimize their fellow being by perpetrating crimes upon them;

      -Freedom of choice in education, so that inner city children are not trapped in failing schools, struggling to learn while distracted and intimidated by hoodlums sitting next to them that do not want to learn;

      -APPROPRIATE affirmative action, which is based on corporations and individuals reaching out to and mentoring students who show interest and promise in learning trades and professions, and then helping them to qualify at THE ESTABLISHED STANDARDS through coaching, mentoring, tutoring.

      -Targeted tax incentives for small businesses who want to hire these students in economic zones, which will instill the value of work and nurture future entrepreneurs;

      -A fair tax system, that does not penalize success and encourages thrift, investment and personal responsibility;

      -A health care system that is fueled by market-driven solutions to problems, not ruled over by a bureaucrat some 3000 miles away in DC;

      -A retirement system that is managed and controlled by the individual worker, not a farcical system where current workers hand money to the government, which in turn hands it out to current retirees because there is no actual money in the social security “system”.

      That just the tip of the iceberg. Most successful people in this nation have followed the time-honored formula of hard work, self-discipline, respect for law and others, education and a sense of understanding that GOVERNMENT DOES NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING.

      All of these are anathema to the Democratic Party. It would destroy their base. I used to be a Democrat, but that all changed when I found out that they really don’t care about Blacks. If they really, truly cared, why are some of the same problems that existed 50 years ago still here? In some cases, they are worse! The black community is Tina Turner and the Democratic Party is Ike. Amazingly, they still vote for the party of Kennedy, when in all likelihood that party died about the same time as JFK.

      • Circle City News  On August 20, 2011 at 1:34 am

        Dear Elogam:
        You asked, “why are some of the same problems [for Blacks} that existed 50 years ago still here?” Good question! I’m surprised you blame the Democratic party when there has been a Republican president for about 20 of the last 30 years. The real problem isn’t necessarily the party but the ethnicity. The presidency and Congress has been dominated with people that are not Black and don’t understand issues/problems that face the black community.

        Unfortunately, you seem to believe that the values you mentioned are “anathema” to Democrats and liberals. I know plenty of both and they believe in “hard work, personal responsibility, maximum liberty with maximum accountability.”

        You don’t think President Obama got to where he is because of “hard work”? I don’t know of any liberals or Democrats that believe people and businesses should not be held accountable for their actions or should not work hard.

        I agree with your statement about personal responsibility but the problem is you’re trying to insinuate that Democrats don’t agree with it. First, technically speaking, babies can’t have babies and I don’t know of anyone benefiting from making irrational decisions by having children. Unless you believe it’s a benefit to not have a job, live in poverty, reside in a violent crime ridden neighborhood, not have access to healthcare and die young. Oh, in the process have your children be taken away by the government (child services or prison) if they just happen to live long enough.

        I’m not aware of the government discouraging anyone (except gays) not to marry. Nor do I know of government programs that are subsidizing those that “refuse” to learn…unless your talking about our overcrowded prison system.

        I’m glad you believe in “maximum liberty” because the republicans I know do not. They oppose two consenting adults of the same sex getting married, they also want to tell a woman and her doctor what to do (which seems to go against your belief about keeping government out of healthcare system). I don’t know of any greater government intrusion than to tell someone who they can marry and forcing a woman to have a child.

        As far as taxes go, if you think the rich are being penalized then I (a poor man) would love to trade places with them. I would love to be rich enough to be “penalized” in taxes. As it is now, I’m being penalized for being poor. If you think the rich have it so tough then perhaps they should stop being rich and become poor. Or, move to another country, if they are rich then I’m sure they can afford it. Seriously, I don’t believe the rich are penalized in this country. If so, then why do almost half of the richest 25 people in the world live in the United States? Moreover, out of the 3 richest people in the world, 2 of them live in the United States. Maybe they are masochists.

        Finally, the values you spoke about…the Democrats have those same values. PS-I hope it’s not a shock to you that the Republicans don’t really care about Blacks either.

      • Elogam  On August 21, 2011 at 3:14 am

        Circle City, thank you for the opportunity to discuss this. Let’s start with your question about why I blame Democrats. Starting in the early-to-mid 1960’s the Democratic Party convinced blacks that racism was their biggest problem, and that with programs like The Great Society, Democrats would help set things right. The law was passed and the Great Society of LBJ kicked off. To be fair, it did take the weight and might of the federal government to deliver on the promise of the Reconstruction Amendments from almost 100 years prior, but there was no exit strategy. even after things improved, the Democratic Party kept preaching that racism was the biggest problem facing the Black Community, and that only the Democrats and their social programs could protect the Black community from it. Blacks bought the lie and have monolithically supported the party ever since. Republicans, sadly, have a very difficult time selling their message of personal responsibility and meritocracy. When you only get about 4% support from a group, you lack the expertise and gravitas to sell your message, and you also have to ask, “is it worth it if they aren’t going to support us?”. As far as your argument that the presidency and Congress have been domonated with people who are not black and don’t understand, please tell me how Asians have managed to do so well when we have yet to have an Asian-majority Congress or President? The problem isn’t ethnicity, it’s mindset. Teaching someone they are a victim and cannot get ahead without help makes them dependent upon you.

        I fully accept that Democratic leaders believe in the merits of hard work They may believe in it, but their politics and policies do not reflect it, To quote one of my mentors Larry Elder: “They do not preach what they practice”. President Obama attended private school, got accepted into Harvard Law, and graduated to (briefly)take one of the few private sector corporate jobs he’s held in his life. If he can do it, why can’t others? No, the Democratic Party seems to think that set asides and special government programs are necessary for minorities to get ahead. Simply setting high expectations and standards, and allowing consequences to occur for not meeting those standards is too dangerous for the Democratic Party to accept. That is why we have failing schools and teachers who cannot be fired regardless of how ineffective they are.

        Democrats may believe in accountability, but they only believe that CERTAIN people (like wealthy CEOs) and CERTAIN businesses should be held accountable, but others, like many so-called leaders on the left and public sector unions, should not have to be burdened with fair accountability.

        Let me clarify my statement about children. Perhaps it is a generational thing, but when I was growing up the term “babies having babies” refered to girls as young as NINE YEARS OLD having children. The illigitimacy rate in the Black community is an embarrassment. Some sources place it as high as 70%. Many young girls have babies when they’re so young so they can get welfare benefits, AFDC, subsisized apartments, the whole nine yards. I know this because I saw it first hand when I was living in Virginia. I met a young girl who asked why I had a job, and wasn’t I afraid that I’d lose my check She didn’t know of anyone in her Section 8 housing that had an actual j-o-b. When it comes to keeping these benefits, young mothers are told that if they marry, they will lose AFDC and all the other’bennies’, therefore they do not marry the father, and the fathers learn that they do not have to be responsible; Uncle Sam will support their child(ren). That is what I mean by government discouraging marriage. I strongly believe that a lack of family structure leads to a lack of neighborhood structure, where fathers behave as fathers and raise their children responsibly. Instead, they tend to run the streets, get into trouble, and leave the child raising to the mothers. How can a man hold his head up and be an example when he isn’t being a husband/father to his family? The lack of stable nuclear famlies has lead to the belief that traditional families are no longer necessary; that any grouping of adults is just as good as the mother/father standard definition of a marriage that has existed for thousands of years. Marriage is a pillar of our society. Ask any architect and they will tell you that when you tamper with a structural pillar you risk the destructinon of the house.

        You say you would “love to trade places with the rich”. The beauty of this country is, You don HAVE to; YOU CAN BECOME ONE OF THEM IF YOU WANT TO! No other nation on Earth has the opportunity for someone to start from nothing and build it into something grand with just a dream and some sweat. You aren’t guaranteed that success, but you have the right to pursue it. Our current tax structure is designed to penalize those who strive and succeed. Candidate Obama said he wanted to change the tax system to provide “fairness”. Well, according to the Heritage Foundation, in 2008 the top 10% of wage earners paid 70% of all federal taxes. The bottom 49% paid none. How “fair” is this nation’s tax system when virtually HALF of it’s revenue-generating residents pay ZERO taxes? Those yelling “tax the rich” are late; we’re already DOING it! If they want to get more tax “revenue”, they need to expand the tax base. Get people back to work and earning taxable income. In my mind, being “poor” is no excuse for not supporting your nation financially. Everyone should pay SOMETHING into the system, even if it’s $50. That’s a dollar a week. A couple cartons of cigarettes. A case of Thunderbird. You get my point….

        My sincerest hope is that the Republican Party continues to get more and more support from mainstream minorities. Many Blacks that once supported the Democrats have come to the realization that they don’t NEED what that party is selling. They don’t WANT their hard work penalized to the tune of almost 50% when you combine all sources of taxes. They don’t want their children and their tax dollars trapped in a failing school. They don’t want political correctness replacing a moral compass. They don’t want someone telling them they don’t need a certain handgun or rife because it looks “scary”.As more minorities wake up, they will add their flavor to a party that desparately wants to engage them but fails miserably at doing so. If the Republican Party can crack the 10% level of the Black vote, it’s curtains for the present makeup of the Democratic Party. That fact is ever present in the minds of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barak Hussein Obama.

      • Circle City News  On August 22, 2011 at 5:23 pm

        Dear Elogam::
        Essentially what you are saying is that Blacks are inferior to White people, especially White Democrats. Black people are so stupid that they don’t know White Democrats don’t care about them. Blacks are shiftless and lazy and don’t want to work but just have children to get benefits from the White Democrats. So, you blame the Democrats for tricking Blacks into a mindset that wants the government to give them benefits.

        Of course, you probably don’t believe that is what you’re saying but it sure comes across like it. You seem to have more outrage at poor people that abuse the system then rich people and businesses that abuse the system. I don’t agree with the actions of the stereotypes you used of Blacks abusing the system to receive benefits. I do, however, understand that they are not in the majority nor are they getting rich. When rich people and businesses abuse the system millions and sometimes billions of dollars are being misused…yes, even tax payer money. Sometimes people even lose their life because of the abusive practices of businesses and they are not penalized or use their money to influence their penalty. Poor people don’t have money to influence the treatment they receive.

        Asians have done well in this country for a variety of reasons. 1. The Asians that come to America are usually educated and wealthy. 2. They don’t have a history of slavery and Jim Crow in America, but they do have poor people in their own country, some they have discriminated against. 3. The White majority does not negatively stereotype or discriminate against them like they have and some still do Blacks. I could go on about the differences but I know it will not convince you. Perhaps you believe it’s because Asians are smarter than Blacks?

        I don’t know of anyone that approves of a nine year old getting pregnant. I do know that if a nine year old gets pregnant, I would prefer she get some type of assistance to help her and the baby if she they live in poverty. I guess you would rather see a corporation get another government tax cut then have the government assist a child that is not even old enough to consent to sex (drive, vote, etc.) and may have gotten pregnant due to sexual abuse. Difference of opinion, I respect that and know that I will never persuade you to believe what I do. Oh, and if someone doesn’t want to get married because they are afraid of losing some meager government benefit (or gaining a government benefit) then they probably shouldn’t get married at all. Marriage is about love not about government benefits and tax breaks for “married, filing jointly.”

        Take care, it was nice talking with you and I look forward talking with you again on a different topic.

  • Elogam  On August 19, 2011 at 2:26 am

    EM, to answer your question he does indeed have a valid point. I just wish he’d dovetailed in a message on personal responsibility along the lines of the speech Mayor Nutter gave in Philadelphia the other day. It’s a packaged deal. Stop depending upon and waiting upon Washington DC to fix your problems and start working together to fix your own. Stop the self-inflicted wounds of character and start thinking of the future, both for yourself and your children. People could learn a lot from Rep. West. Instead, they vilify him and call him the standard usual names that a Black Conservative has to put up with. (EM, I’m not accusing YOU of that, I’m talking about the VAST numbers of others that do on other websites.) I hope blacks will get past their conditioned reflex reaction to his commentary and LISTEN to what he is saying. He has merit.

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