Rick Perry Is Playing out of the Sarah Palin Political Playbook

Rick Perry the great GOP hope is picking up where Sarah Palin left off. He is a radical Texan who refuses to be tamed. He has questioned the president’s patriotism and made wild statements regarding Ben Bernanke, but Perry is not backing off his statments. As a true Texan he has chosen to double down. Karl Rove used to be a voice that many in the GOP listened to but not this new jack bunch. He has admonished Perry regarding this kind of talk, but Rove is regarded as an establishment figure and his opinions are not held in high regard with the radicals that are now running the party. Perry has not been in the race for a week yet, but already he is stirring the pot. http://dailycaller.com/2011/08/16/rove-condemns-perrys-comments-on-bernanke-george-w-bush/

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