Black Tea Party Group Holds Rally Against NAACP

Yes Virginia there are black people in the Tea Party, and they are rallying against the NAACP on Sunday. Read the article and tell me what you think.

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  • Elogam  On July 22, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    I am always surprised when mainstream media treat a conservative civilly, give them equal respect, and don’t denigrate their positions in the narrative. Moreso if it’s done by an ethnically-focused outlet. In this case The Griot did a very good job of portraying the concerns most black conservatives have about the NAA(L)CP. The organization used to have a purpose. Now, it’s just vamping, harkening back to it’s glory days and keeping blacks angry so they believe they need this organization to “protect” them from racism. The battle today is less the “great white devil” and more the “devil inside” of black on black crime, babies having babies out of wedlock, high school graduation rates below 50%, drugs and lack of family infrastructure. Shelton doesn’t get it. His comment “thugs are thugs” proves that. You cannot charge forth into battle if your soldiers keep self-inflicting themselves with wounds. Peterson DOES get it, and he needs more attention from the mainstream media to give his divergent view. Unfortunately, it’s more likely they will rush to stick a microphone into the faces of the likes of Jackson or Sharpton or Jealous or Shelton because they are “the leaders of the black community”. It sickens me the condescension in saying we have “leaders” that speak for us tribally. Good luck Rev. Peterson. I hope you have a successful rally and that the media don’t trip over you in their haste to get inside to interview our “leaders”.

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