Last word on Apprentice or should we call it the NeNe Show?

NeNe Leakes came to the Apprentice set with a mission, and it was not the obvious one, but it was to become a household name. She is a success for all the wrong reasons. She reminds me of a comedy sketch I saw that asked what black people do you simply want to give away. She said some things that could only be defined as cringe worthy. She admitted as much on the Sunday Today Show. On last night’s Apprentice finale they devoted an entire segment to her most memorable outbursts. She expressed no regret. When Star Jones was asked her response to the antics of the Atlanta Housewife she said “I was disheartened as I watched the episodes unfolded. She used this platform to attack every single black woman on the show.” Leakes responded  “It’s not a racial thing.” Sadly it really is a racial thing. Leakes fit the profile of the “angry black woman” and she reserved her venom for her black colleagues. Sure she had some zingers for her white castmates, but she went off on LaToya Jackson and she used Star Jones as her personal punching bag. She called Jones a manipulator and I will grant her that Jones was a savvy player, but NeNe was a loud mouth, bully. Yes, some will say she was good television and sadly some things that might be good to you is simply not good for you. So now everyone knows her name, but for all the wrong reasons.

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