Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo Says we don’t need the NAACP Awards, is she right?

This morning the ladies of The View tackled interracial relationships. The conversation was sparked by a remark Jill Scott made to Scott said when she sees an interracial couple she winces inside. The ladies said she had a right to her opinion, but Whoopi Goldberg took particular offense to the comment. Sherri Sheppard contended that white women had been so revered for so long that brothers almost feel like they have achieved something when they are involved with a white woman. Sheppard basically said this goes back to slavery. Goldberg said this is 100 years after slavery and we needed to get over it. The conversation took another turn when Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy who is married to a black man entered the discussion. Pompeo said there is too much separation of the races. She asked why do we have the NAACP awards and she went on to question the need for black colleges. At that point Sheppard said we do need black colleges and she steered her to another topic. So tell me what you think. Should there be NAACP awards or does it promote separatism? Do we still need black colleges?

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  • The Sharpster  On May 13, 2011 at 4:01 am

    I agree that separatism is a danger. I watch children in the playground play with no regard for different appearances. Politicians tend to separate us, as do marketers. Racism is a two way street. We are all Americans. Even universities separate. Barrack is have white and half black but folks call him black. Strange.

  • bayoucreole  On May 13, 2011 at 5:59 am

    Why is it that whites always question the need for black colleges? Do they really think Harvard and Yale was letting a bunch of black kids in when Howard University was founded…do they think they’re letting a bunch of black kids in now?
    I guess this is why Jill Scott winches when she sees interracial couples..the black person is married to someone who has no clue about the day to day struggle of being black and all it emcompasses. At Ellen doesn’t..we know that for sure now.

    • Elogam  On May 14, 2011 at 12:06 am

      Bayoucreole: Reference your comment about Harvard and Yale, have you checked to see what the racial makeups is of those VERY exclusive schools are? It’s probably very easy to find online. Before you imply that they are excluding black kids it would be very interesting to see the actual numbers. Remember, you also need to include international students, graduate students, etc.

      Secondly, as far as black people being married to “someone who has no clue about the day to day struggle of being black and all it encompasses”, unless the couple is very young or very sheltered, it’s highly unlikely they got married without at LEAST conversing about it. You also need to accept that the “struggles” of someone who’s born and raised in the ‘hood are different from those of someone raised in the more tony areas. Not everywhere in America is like the Deep South circa 1954.

  • fateemah  On May 13, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    pls dont misquote her.. she said she believes we need the NAACP but does not like the idea of black colleges which makes sense because isn’t the whole purpose of college to prepare youths for the world and the world is surely not segregated anymore.
    as a product of an inter-racial marriage i feel strongly about this and agree with her 100%

    • musesofamom  On May 13, 2011 at 1:13 pm

      I did not say she questioned the need for the NAACP she questioned the need for the Image Awards. She questioned the need for the NAACP awards and asked why do we need them. She then proceeded to question the need for black colleges and that is when sheppard steered the conversation in another direction.

  • astuartgirl  On May 13, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I think wincing at an interracial couple is racism. I would find it offensive as well. I personally feel pride when I see one. I think they are very brave. I dated a black guy in high school in 1984 in rural GA and it was a scandal. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t now. What business is it of yours who falls in love with who? We are all part of the HUMAN race!

    Trust me, the white person in that relationship is experiencing plenty from both sides of the aisle and has quite a good clue of the ‘struggle’. The black person is still except in the black community but the white person is cut off from both.

    Frankly, I am tired of hearing about the ‘struggles’ … Would you rather have been born in Somalia? or be an illegal Hispanic?

    My ancestors didn’t own slaves. I am second generation Polish and I grew up hearing all the polish jokes. Blacks are not the only people to have suffered injustice yet they seem to wallow in self pity for something that happened over 100 yrs ago.

    • Cassius  On May 15, 2011 at 2:53 pm

      Polish. white skin. You were allowed in by the establishment. Something blacks hAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED TO DO. You are covered by your white skin. Teflon skin that allows you to blend in very well with main stream society. Its is scandalous when white people talk about race and what blacks don’t need. Blacks don’t need black men to go to jail at an alarming rate. Blacks don’t need black boys thrown into to special education classes and labeled BAD at an alarming rate. Blacks don’t need whites to tell us the playing field is now LEVEL so we can go about dismantling Black institutions that champion the causes of African Americans…. But blacks have a higher unemployment rate than whites (something we don’t need), live in red lined districts (another thing we don’t need). Also, if blacks had been allowed into white institutions of higher education!!!! Then you are damn right – we wouldn’t need HBCU’s. If corporations had a diverse pool of employees… then you’re damn right! We wouldn’t need Affirmative Action. All the laws, organizations, and institutions created for blacks were created because we don’t live in an inclusive society and the playing field is not level. So when white skinned POLISH immigrants talk about how hard they had it (but were not enslaved when they arrive here) and (were allowed in by main stream- either by simply changing their NAME or losing thier ACCENT) I just need them to examine their own bias, examine their own privilege, and unlearn all the lame attempts that white people use to excuse the fact they they have so many damn undeserved advantages.

  • astuartgirl  On May 13, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    still accepted* in the black community
    should have proofread it better … :-/

  • Abbra  On May 13, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    She’s wrong HBCU’s (black colleges) are HISTORICALLY Black. They have never been exclusive to Blacks, anyone can attend. The same can’t be said about Historically WHITE colleges that Blacks were denied access to. HBCU’s were started for the simple fact that Blacks were denied access to White colleges Why should Black colleges (which allow all races) be the ones to close? MOF, a couple of these Black colleges are MAJORITy white now.

  • tuwoman1881  On May 13, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    I disagree totally with Ellen Pompeo’s statement. First off its always easier to say what is not needed when you haven’t experienced the situation. She’s not black nor will she ever be so she doesn’t truly understand our struggle. The NAACP awards is one of the few black award shows that encourage and uplift the black community, We don’t get that kind of respect at “white” award shows and so we have to have something to call our own. Its not to separate us from other races in America but to give us pride. We as blacks have to be on one accord first before we try to reach out amongst other races. And the comment on the purpose of HBCUs…she can’t be serious. I attend one of the most prestigious HBCUs in the country. They are in no shape or form to separate us but to prepare us. The things we learn and go through at HBCUs get us ready to face White America. Why must everyone attack HBCUs….predominately white institutions are separated as well. For example what’s the deal with having two student unions (SGA and the Black SGA)? We have to take a look at the whole picture before we criticize!

    • Elogam  On May 14, 2011 at 12:24 am

      >>She’s not black nor will she ever be so she doesn’t truly understand our struggle.<<

      I respectfully disagree. Being black does not make you genetically more able to understand the struggles that we have undergone throughout history. Do you think that the whites who did the Freedom Rides down in the South, that participated in sit-ins, that got beaten and shot right alongside blacks during the Civil Rights movement were clueless about the struggle of blacks? My Race and Public Policy professor in college was as lilly white as you can get, and he was a fount of knowledge. He had a VAST reservoir of insight about the history of blacks in America from 1620 onward. Just because HIS people didn't suffer doesn't mean HE doesn't get it. He also understood what many blacks do not understand: Times have NEVER been better for Black America than they are right now. Any kid who feels he's being "held down" or "oppressed", that there is a racist behind every tree and rock just waiting to violate his civil rights, is deluded.

      I am glad you attend an HBCU. My father attended Prairie View A&M and taught at Tuskegee briefly. Both are fine schools. If they are telling you that their mission is to get you "ready to face White America", I am deeply concerned. White America is not your enemy. Their mission should be to prepare you to face CORPORATE AMERICA, be it as a business person or as an engineer, doctor, lawyer, military officer, architect, etc. If you are well-trained, gifted, ambitious, hard-working, you will do just fine here in corporate America. If you run into a supervisor who's a "knuckle head" and can't see past your skin color or hairstyle, you are working for the wrong company. Go where your talent is recognized. Capitalists do not care about all that; they want someone who can bring home the bacon for their company. Patients do not care what color the surgeon is, as long as that surgeon can save their life they are cool with it. Same with lawyers, architects, etc, etc. By all means stay alert, but do not go out into the world with a chip on your shoulder or it will hold you back.

  • Loa  On May 14, 2011 at 12:57 am

    NAACP Awards are less about compensation and more about rememberance and appreciation for the culture. (Was it there that Beyonce sand Halo to the backdrop of photos of Civil Rights leaders?) and it is an opportunity to bridge the often age/economic gap in the community so as to continue to teach about our history which has inspired more than blacks. I feel her comments are very misguided.

  • Elogam  On May 14, 2011 at 1:31 am

    I’m very disappointed to hear Jil Scott say that. Wincing when you see an interracial (and I just ASSUME she means, “black and white”) couple is indicative of racist beliefs. Either you believe in freedom to associate or you don’t. I know that black women still have issues with other women, particularly WHITE women, dating “their” men. One sister laid it out to me once when we were having an –intense– conversation about this very topic. Since so many black men chose not to act right, don’t get their education, don’t want to be loyal, don’t want to treat women with the respect they deserve, good black men are at a premium. They (black women) don’t want to ‘share’ them. If that is the source of her reaction, I encourage Ms. Scott to go out and get her own black man and not worry about all the rest….

    As far as the NAACP and their image awards: If they are apolitical about it and point out role models of ALL backgrounds then I do not see a problem with it. Role models are very important. How many people have said that since we now have a black president, they believe that it is indeed possible for ANYONE to become president in America? Unfortunately, they are QUITE political, so much so that I call them the NAA(L)CP because unless you are LIBERAL, they do not tend to care about you. They had no choice but to honor Dr. Rice and Gen. Powell, but to my knowledge they have YET to honor Justice Thomas.

    There will always be a place for HBCUs. So long as they keep admissions open to ALL who want to attend, there’s no reason to disband them solely on the basis of race. If they ever DENY access due to color, I will have a different opinion.

  • The Sharpster  On May 14, 2011 at 1:38 am

    Elogam nails it!

  • k bro  On May 14, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    I am a white lady. I think Ellens statement was good until that part about black colleges and awards. I will try to be optimistic and hope she meant its not right that there was/is a need for them? Also the Black colleges as stated already are just historically black. But anyone can be a student. Just as there are predominantly white colleges but they better accept anyone who makes the grades and applies!!! Diversity is great for colleges. Especially having international students. But if some black kids do feel more comfortable at a predominantly black college that’s understandable and great for them to have the option. algebra is algebra. As far as Jill Scott’s comment…I dont think its racist but a feeling of rejection that this comment originating from. Most people are capable of similar feelings but from different perspectives. In extreme cases Muslim men kill there women for dating outside of their race/ethnicity/religion. The men can do this because they dominate…But they don’t kill other men for doing the same thing. I think its just subconscious control to keep the sexual competition pool smaller. Black women of all hues are absolutely gorgeous. And to men so is variety and all other types of women. And some women like variety too…Look at South America…There is no stopping it…Just accept it and find someone who is good for you and appreciates and loves you whoever you are. I do understand the dating scene can be harder for some and that sucks but it is not changing back to segregation times and its not immoral, unethical to date outside your race if you are black or any other race. It is also ok if you choose to date only your own race. I don’t think most interracial dating has anything to do with slavery times. Its more being in proximity to each other in general. And innate attraction that is not something understood by science. or jill scott

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