Jumping the Broom is worth the price of admission

I went to see Jumping the Broom today and I  loved it. It  was so wonderful to see an almost entirely black cast engaged in the art of story telling. It was devoid of eye-rolling, finger popping, gum chomping stereotypes. Instead we saw real characters actually having real conversations, and it was entertaining. There are some very interesting exchanges that deal with classism within the black community. This is not news to most of us, but it will give some in the audience a glimpse at a part of us that is rarely discussed out in the open. I am not going to go into the plot because I encourage all of you to go see it, but I enjoyed it. Please support this film so we can see more like this.

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  • Deb Porter-Jones  On May 10, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    I think I will go see it. It will be nice to see a mostly-Black cast of beautiful people. Thanks for the recommendation.

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