Why are these girls beating another girl, and who is taping this brawl?

I had heard about the two girls that savagely beat a woman in a Maryland Mcdonalds. One of my readers sent me this link and asked me what did I think. I responded on the post that the comment appeared, but I think this incident warrants its own post. I  think this is despicable and I also think the McDonalds employee that filmed and posted it on his Facebook page is equally despicable. On his page he says the victim was not a girl, but a “tranny”.  So I guess that makes it right? Wrong. This was a brutal senseless beating. The Today Show had a segment this morning on women behaving badly. Far too often we see women on reality television saying all manner of vile things to one another, and in some cases we see women and girls fighting each other and that behavior is pawned off as entertainment. So these attackers in the video felt empowered,  and now they are facing criminal charges. The police are now contemplating whether this fits into the category of hate crime, and that is a big deal. They never thought that this beating had the potential to change their entire life, but judging from their behavior they never thought period.

PS-the Mcdonald employee who filmed and posted the incident has been fired.


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  • the sharpster  On April 24, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Haven’t seen the video and don’t care to watch it. Too depressing. Where was Ronald McDonald when this was all going down? See what happens when you hire a clown to run a business?

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