Sarah Palin Speaks to Fox News Sean Hannity

Last night Sarah Palin got the opportunity to speak her mind. She selected the friendly confines of Fox News.  Was she a victim of the “lamestream media” or is she simply getting exactly what she deserved?

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  • Kevin E. Matthews  On January 19, 2011 at 6:38 am

    I think that if Sarah Palin looked at her watch and gave the time of day, she would be criticized. What’s missing here is a realization that she has grown. In this interview she alluded to an article in the New York Times I believe it was. Back in 2008 people were questioning whether or not she even read the papers! I don’t see a problem with her going on Fox to give her side of the story. Conservatives only have ONE network they can be comfortable on. Liberals only have one network they are UNCOMFORTABLE on and they flee it’s glaring spotlight and the hard, fair questions they would receive. President Obama had to have the assurances of the network president that he would be “treated fairly” before he ventured onto Fox. Can you imagine what would happen to a Republican who insisted on such assurances from the rest of the networks?

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