Did Chicago Pastors sell out their congregations for $500?

The Democratic Machine is just not like it used to be. Illinois Gov. Quinn and Senate hopeful Alexi Giannoulias are running behind their Republican opponents. President Obama is going to Illinois Saturday to try to firm up support. Usually black ministers will line up for the Democratic Party but in this strange election season some of the ministers seem to be hearing a different drum. “On Wednesday, 12 local pastors came together to publicly endorse Scott Lee Cohen, the Independent in the race. The millionaire pawnbroker has contributed $6 million of his own money to his campaign for governor. That has fueled rumors that Cohen is buying black support. Last week, the Rev. Gregory Lee told CBS-2 that one of Cohen’s supporters told him that he would get at least $500 if he publicly backed Cohen.” So did these ministers have fundamental problems with the Democratic candidates or are they more like Judas than Jesus?

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