MTV Teen Mom Amber Portwood Faces domestic violence charges for getting a little too real on reality television

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Amber Portwood is facing charges after the viewing public witnessed her beating up her boyfriend. In the state of Indiana it is a felony to commit an act of domestic violence in the presence of a child under 14. She committed the act on her boyfriend in front of their infant child. The premise of the show is to let the viewer watch a day in the life of the teen mom, but like all reality shows the participants are probably encouraged to amp it up for the viewers. Drama is what fuels these types of shows. Sure Portwood might be violent when the camera is off but the camera just makes an argument graduate into to a full blown fist fight. So does MTV bear in responsibility in this? Probably not. They tacitly encourage bad behavior but they don’t make the participants do anything, but they know if they don’t MTV will be casting for a new crop of baby mamas.

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