Did Virginia Thomas really want an apology from Anita Hill?

It’s been almost 20 years since the Clarence Thomas hearings. Why didn’t Ginny Thomas just let sleeping dogs lie. I remember watching the hearings and I was convinced that Anita Hill was telling the truth, but I also remember being embarrassed as she shared the details of her story, and I thought why would she subject herself to this scrutiny if this were not the truth. People still feel very passionate about the hearings. On Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said Thomas was unfairly victimized on “unfounded allegations” but whether you believe Hill or not one can not dismiss her testimony as unfounded.  Some have said that Thomas was treated this way because he was a conservative, but I don’t buy that explanation. The reality is most sexual harassment is not done in the open where everyone can see it. It is generally done one on one and the two people involved are really the only two who actually know what transpired. So almost twenty years later and people are still bitterly divided, but why is this wound being re-opened and who made us revisit this incident? Ginny Thomas brought this issue back to the national conversation. She made a call on a Saturday at 7:30AM. So she really did not want to talk to Hill she wanted to leave a message, but what was her expectation? She had to know there would be no apology because Hill is comfortable with her own truth. Perhaps Thomas is trying to rewrite history and clear the stain from her husband’s legacy, but did she really believe Hill was ready to kiss and makeup? It was inappropriate for her to even approach Hill. What happened involved her husband and Hill and she should not have attempted to stir in it. She has made us start a new conversation about a painful period and just like 1991 some will believe him and some will believe her. We will never know what really happened and frankly we would have been happy not to have to discuss this incident again.

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  • keithosaunders  On October 21, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    ‎”Hello, Mahatma? This is Ginnie. Listen, I need you to apologize to the British government for all the money you cost them during your imprisonment. I’ve been praying like crazy. Buh-bye.”

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