Thank You Ken Holt for Knowing Local Matters really Matter

I live in an area that once had a thriving mall. When we moved to this area 15 years ago the mall had Saks 5th Avenue, The Gap, Lord and Taylor and other stores of this same caliber. Over the years all of  those stores have moved out, and a large wing of the mall remains vacant. We have two men running for the office of Baltimore County Executive. Since a virtually vacant mall is really no good for anyone I asked both candidates to tell me if they knew of any plans for the mall. I wrote my email to the two men on Monday morning and that same day I received a response from the Republican candidate Ken Holt. As of this morning I have not heard from his Democratic opponent. The Democratic opponent came to our church and smiled and waved to the people, but he nor his staff has bothered to answer my inquiry. I need to know that if I have a question regarding my county that if the county executive can not answer it he can direct me to someone who can, but more importantly I need a county executive who will at least answer my email. So thank you Mr. Holt for taking the time to send a reply.

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  • elogam  On October 15, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    These men seem to be falling into stereotypes. The Democratic candidate didn’t answer, probably because he has no idea of how to create jobs. (short answer: it’s NOT through the government.) Republicans know that and have answers. On the other hand the Democratic candidate knows to visit a black church and smile and wave, then after paying lip service he disappears, knowing he’s gotten 90% of the vote. The Republican, unless I’m mistaken, has yet to set foot in your church and ask for your support. Sadly, these stereotypes hold true time and time again.

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