Fox News Megyn Kelley Shows Disrespect for Dissenting Guest

Why was Megyn Kelley so rude to fellow Fox News contributor Kirstin Powers? Powers had the nerve to disagree with the host. She expressed an honest opinion and Kelley lit into her like a buzzsaw. Tell me what you think.

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  • tsactuo  On July 15, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Kirstin wasn’t following the script and was going to drive the segment off-message. It’s common tv journalism, really. I stopped watching Chris Matthews some years ago for behaving like that. If they were to stop calling them “news” shows, I don’t think I’d mind. Maybe they could call them what they really are, “opinion” shows. Of course, that’d limit most of the shows on all the news networks to being “opinion”… or “projectile gossip”.

  • exeal  On July 16, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    Megyn Kelley has been following the New Black Panther case very closely. She has had lengthy interviews with Christian Adams and Bartle Bull. Both men testified at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently about the case. Christian Adams is the man who went public with the DOJ’s handling of the Panther case. He was a DOJ official and chose to resign because the DOJ would not pursue the case. Bartle Bull is a long time civil rights attorney and expert on voter rights. Bartle was at the Philadelphia polling place on election day and witnessed the incident.

    I think Megyn lost her patience with Kirsten when she realized that Kirsten really did not seem to know much about the case.

    Megyn said @ :28 “I have read the testimony that was given before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.”
    Megyn then asked Kirsten if she had read it.
    Kirsten finally said that she talked to the DOJ at length about it.
    Megyn asked again if she (Kirsten) had read the testimony.
    Kirsten said “No, Megyn it doesn’t matter”.

    Megyn was completely frustrated and lost her temper with Kirsten, telling Kirsten @ 1:07 that she did not know the facts to the case.

    Also Kirsten changed her story half way through the interview about whether she thought people were being intimidated:
    Kirsten said @ :12, “I looked at the video, the guy wasn’t really intimidating people”
    But, 4 minutes later @ 4:15 Kirsten said “I didn’t say it wasn’t voter intimidation.”

    The video posted here is actually 2 minutes shorter than the original on-air segment. The first 2 minutes set-up what the discussion was going to be about, which was Representative Brad Sherman, a Democrat from CA who claimed he wasn’t even aware of the New Black Panther intimidation case. The missing first 2 minutes can be seen on the full version video:

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