Are our Kids too Fat or are we making them crazy?

Today at church I heard an average size little girl call herself “fat”. She was not even slightly overweight but she perceived herself as fat. Her Sunday School teacher walked over to her and said you are not fat and you are beautiful. As I walked away I wondered whether we are driving our kids crazy? Why would this girl think she was fat? She thinks this because we have told her so if not in word in deed. If you have ever watched any of the programs geared toward teens you will find girls being defined by their weight by their friends and their enemies. ABC Family has a new show coming on called HUGE which is about obese teens at a weight loss camp. In the promos the main character refuses to hate herself because she is fat. So is this what we want to promote self-hatred? Yes, this country has a childhood obesity problem, but everyone is not obese and with the right motivation those that are can become healthy, but how much stress are we putting on our children? Are we encouraging our children to try to lose weight quickly or are we trying to promote healthy eating habits?   I definitely don’t have the answers. My own daughter has asked me to buy her Slim-Fast. Which I won’t, but I know that I can’t just dismiss her concerns. I know she is not fat but everything around her celebrates the Size 0. As a parent I want to fight childhood obesity, but there has got to be a happy medium between Size 0 and obese, and I will keep looking for it.

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  • charismaallover  On June 28, 2010 at 5:37 pm


    Teens really need to see good rolemodels for them. This starts with real people. And just like real people, they
    need to see more dolls that represent them. We need to see
    more black dolls to put the right image into the black
    child’s mind. Children should learn more about health
    in the schools and have positive people come visit
    their schools to block out the annorexic images. Successful
    black models should come to schools and show off an
    image that is not too thin and not fat.

    The fact that they are successful can make a world
    of difference. The message is that at a decent
    size they can be successful. This tells young
    kids that annorexic figures are not what it
    takes to get the good jobs. Show these kids
    models who are not annorexic on the cover of
    a magazine. The media is good for brainwashing
    but I have my own opinion.

    If people keep positive posters around the house
    of women that are not annorexic, it should settle
    in their minds. People should start programs
    for young people talking about the problems of annorexic and
    the health issues. It’s important to do
    what it takes to get the job done.

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