General McChrystal Must Go and He Should Not Be Allowed to Resign

General McChrystal will be meeting with the president tomorrow, and after that meeting he should be the former leader of the troops fighting in Afghanistan.  He has got to go. He is not so invaluable that he can not be replaced. He does not hold some secret plan in his head that only he can implement. He has got to go and he should not be allowed to resign he should be fired. Throughout the day I heard pundits say he is so valuable that he simply can not be replaced. That’s insane if something happened to him rest assured the war would still rage on so he can be replaced. He disparaged his boss and the boss’ team and for that reason he can not be allowed to stay. You try talking about your boss to your subordinates or simply send an email describing your boss as an idiot and forward it to everyone in your company. By the end of the day security will be standing at your desk as you pack your box. This is that magnified by a million. This guy has shown total disrespect for the president and he has got to go. If the president allows him to stay after this then he is a wimp.

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  • elogam  On June 23, 2010 at 2:33 am

    I completely disagree. Did you READ the article, EM? I give the president credit for a) actually reading the article, and b) allowing the general a chance to explain himself. That shows character to me. Obama picked McChrystal for this job; he wasn’t a leftover from the Bush era. Obama NEEDS what McChrystal brings to the table. Can he be replaced? sure. None of us are irreplaceable. But for the president to fire this man based on hearsay from a Rolling Stone reporter who’s trying to sell magazines without hearing the man out is juvenile. He may make the man do a perp walk and emasculate him as much as he can while leaving him in charge, but to fire him based on a magazine article is beyond the pale, especially for someone of McChrystal’s caliber.

  • Doug  On June 26, 2010 at 1:42 am

    Please read the article before creating a post. At no point did McChrystal bring up Obama other than to say Obama was unprepared in their first meeting. If the highest authority is ill-prepared for a National Security meeting, I would HOPE someone would say soemething. Obama is a thin-skinned man who, after his forcing healtcare through after a majority were against it (and he tried to buy votes with the Cornhusker Kickback and Louisiana Purchase), as well as singing with Paul McCrtney and golfing 8 times since the oil spill happened (and he could have stopped the spill by allowing drilling to be done in water shallower then 5,000 feet), needs to go. He is a great community organizer, but terrible leader, as shown through his tumble in approval polls and his inability to surround himself with a staff that will disagree with him.

    Also, please now post on why Obama and Rahm Emanuel’s names keep coming up in the Blago conspiracy trial? And the other conspiracies with PA and CO senators that Obama’s camp tried to buy out….

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