Is the Gulf Oil Spill Still News?

That might seem like a strange question, but go with me on this. I am not saying that it is not important because we all know it is. It is in fact the biggest environmental catastrophe that our country has seen, but is it news? It was news when the spill started and the 11 men lost their lives. It was news when we saw the devastation that the oil was causing. We have all grieved when we saw the oily wildlife and we can not help but share the pain of the small businesses that face financial ruin, but at what point will we stop counting the days? When will we let BP and the government do their jobs? We hold BP responsible and we expect them to fulfill their commitment of making the individuals affected whole again.   Last night the president addressed the nation, but did his speech ease anyone’s fears? Did he answer all of the nation’s questions? No, he didn’t because he couldn’t. The speech was done for political reasons. As the pundits have fanned the flames of ire and continued to question his leadership he and his staff are attempting to turn the tide. So now we have the usual suspects at Fox News questioning the president and we also have Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews also raking him over the coals. The right and the left are comparing this situation to Katrina, and to the Iran hostage situation. So the president is caught in the middle of a sandwich of discontentment.  The president is the hostage in this situation. Until that well is capped the press and the public will be counting the days and this situation does not have to define the Obama presidency, but there will be a lasting stain.

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  • Mo Rage  On June 16, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    As of this morning, there are new reports from BP that the amount of oil coming out of the spill is far greater than earlier acknowledged so yes, I’d say it’s absolutely still news, even if the President hadn’t spoken last evening which, of course, he did.

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