13 year old Today Show Guest uses the word C**t on Live Television

 This morning I watched Meredith Vieira interview a 13 year old girl on the Today Show. She was involved in the beating of a classmate in the spring. The beating stemmed from text message sent. The victim was repeatedly stomped in the head by a teenage boy. Vieira asked the girl about the content of the text and she said the boy had called the girl a c**t. This is a despicable word and ordinarily I would not discuss it on this blog, but I want to make a point. That point is how do our young people talk to each other? I recently got a Facebook page which has given me a glimpse of some of the conversations that go on between young people. My friend’s daughter who is like a silent librarian around us is the ultimate potty mouth on Facebook. If I talked to my friends like they talk to each other I would be friendless.  I can’t just say the young people are the only culprits because I hear adults address each other in the same despicable manner, but this little girl looked so innocent on The Today Show, and she really let the word flow out of mouth with no regard because this is common language and for me that’s a problem.

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