No Water Makes Me Want to Holler

 We have not had running water in our home since Saturday. A water main broke and since that time we have been forced to use water we have stored in our basement and the county has been providing free drinking water. So it is now Day 5 and counting. It is inconvenient not to have running water, but the inconvenience makes us appreciate something we take for granted. We expect water to come out of the faucet. We don’t think about it we just know it will be there. We have learned that the water main that broke was over 50 years old and positioned at the bottom of a pond. Hopefully, while making the repair they will examine some of the other old water mains and replace before the same thing happens in other areas. FEMA has even been on hand to assist. For us this has been an inconvenience, but it is hardly catastrophic. Some of my friends have been asking how are we coping. This is not the end of the world. I admit that during these 5 days I have gotten frustrated but our inconvenience does not qualify as a natural disaster.  So I will continue to boil water and cross my fingers that the water will be back to normal tomorrow and we can go back to our routine.

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