PETA Ad Bashes the Duggars…Is It Fair?


Why do we even know the Duggars? They have 19 children and they have their own reality show. Does that mean their personal choices should be subject to mocking? Evidently PETA feels it does. Their latest billboard shown above takes dead aim at the Duggar’s lifestyle. It is just the latest in PETA’s mean spirited advertising . They have taken swipes at the overweight, they have used the image of the First Lady without her permission so this is just the latest in their ill-advised strategy. The Duggars made a choice to have the reality show and by doing this they have made themselves fair game. PETA’s response: “The reproduction debate’s heating up as TLC prepares to air the fourth season of its Duggar Family hit, 19 Kids and Counting. This season, the Duggars have upped their clan size from 18 to 19, and it has some arguing yay or nay about the ‘Duggar-style’ approach to reproduction. We say, as long as Jim Bob and Michelle are able to keep a roof over their family’s head and modern-modest clothes on their backs, there’s a far more important reproductive issue at hand. So, we’re offering to run this billboard in the Duggar’s hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas, as well as in nearby Springdale and Fayetteville.”  So PETA can use this approach, but having the right to do something does not make it right.

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  • ediva75  On February 14, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    While The Duggars have every right to reproduce till their hearts content if they have the financial means it doesn’t make it right. I mean really has this woman ever spent any damn downtime not knocked up and giving her reproductive organs a break????

    For PETA to go nutty with their latest campaigning and tying pet population with The Duggars multiple kids is crazy. One can control their pet population by getting tubes tied or birth control but chooses not to. While the true animal (cat, dog) who is in the feral really has no control over it unless their owner takes those birth control options to do it.

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