Why are We Working Ourselves to Death?

 Everyone is feeling the stress of this economy. Those of us without jobs are looking and those of you with jobs are complaining, and justifiably so. I emailed a friend of mine who I had not seen at church and she responded that she is doing the job of 3 people because her job has cut back on personnel. She said “I’m not complaining, but it seems that since the state has begun eliminating personnel as part of the cost containment, I’ve been doing the job of three people. I’m working even when I’m not at work, which is not unusual for me, but this non-stop pace has left me feeling mentally drained at times. I am trying to come up with a way of balancing all the demands in my life and not feel overwhelmed or burned out. I’m very grateful for still have a job, stress and all.” This is a situation which complaining is perfectly alright, but employers have all the power now and if you complain you might be the next casualty. So they can work you like a slave and you had better paste a perpetual grin on your face and keep on trucking.

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