Are We Listening to Each Other?

Yesterday I went to church and I spoke to a woman who lost her job in July. I asked her how was she doing and she smiled and said fine. As she was walking away she whispered in my ear “I’m losing all I have.” She walked away and I stood there letting those words penetrate. What do you do when someone tells you something like this? Earlier I had spoken to another church member who shared with me that her daycare had recently quadrupled in size. I went to her and asked her if she needed any additional help and she said yes. So I got the two of them together and they are set to talk today. Why am I sharing this story, because we need to listen to each other. Sometimes what we regard as small talk might change a life, but we have to be actively listening. With unemployment at 10% nationally and 15% in the black community we have to realize we’ve got to help ourselves. Jobs are hard to find so take a little time and become an active listener and you might just be able to help somebody.

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  • elogam  On November 12, 2009 at 1:36 am

    EM, you make a comment that needs to be magnified and trumpeted. WE HAVE TO REALIZE WE’VE GOT TO HELP OURSELVES. Too many people are sitting around, waiting for “things to get better.” I just came back from a trip to the mountains with my family. While there we went to a restaurant for lunch. I got to talking to the owner, and he told me he’d opened his place just four months ago. He was a general contractor by trade, but the market folded and he decided to be the change he sought in the world. I didn’t ask about now much money he put into the business or whether or not he took out a loan, etc. What matters is this man didn’t wait for the Obama stimulus to hit, or for the DOW to turn around, or for something else that he couldn’t control. He re-invented himself in this tough economy. We all must be willing to have faith in ourselves, stop blaming “The Man” or “Evil Corporations” or some other bogey man for not being where we want to be, and pull ourselves out of this mess. It’s scary climbing out on a limb. But out on a limb is where the fruit grows.

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