Why Do We Refuse to Recognize Domestic Abuse in the Church?

Bishop Thomas Weeks became a household name when he got into a fight with his then wife Evangelist Juanita Bynum. The fight took place in a hotel parking lot and an employee of the hotel intervened to stop the skirmish. At the time Bynum said that she was the new face of domestic violence. Since that time we have heard very little about the issue from Bynum. In March 2008 Weeks pled guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to 3 years probation and 200 hours of community service. At the time of the incident Weeks expressed remorse and said “My emotions got the best of me, and I take responsibility.” Fast forward to October 2009 and Weeks has married another prophetess Christina Glenn. In an interview on bet.com the new wife seemingly minimizes the abuse Weeks inflicted on his former wife. She refers to it as “losing your cool”. She describes the domestic violence incident as “the situation”. When people use euphemisms to describe abuse they minimize the seriousness of the situation. Too often in the church members make excuses for abusive leaders. Weeks pled guilty to assault, he did not plead guilty to a “situation”. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we have to stop closing our eyes to what we see in the pews of our churches. Weeks might have turned the page on his violent ways, but neither he or his new wife can whitewash what happened between him and Juanita Bynum.  That incident of abuse is chronicled in a Georgia courtroom.

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  • BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet  On October 22, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Hello there!

    Bishop Weeks has moved on from the incident. He does not lie about the beating. He pled guilty. I don’t think that pleading guilty is an indication that he is “minimizing” what he did. He has now moved on.

    As much as the church folks want to keep the story alive, the beating happened and he faced criminal charges.

    His new wife refers to it as “the situation” and I don’t think THAT minimizes it. Should she refer to it as “the horror”? What term should she use? She can call it “the beating” but even THEN people would not be satisfied. If I were her, I would not even give any public comment on it at all. It’s not about minimizing what happened to Juanita Bynum but if I were the new wife I would say, “the events that occurred in my husband’s previous marriage are not going to receive any public comment from me.”

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  • sunnydelyte21  On October 22, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    A lot of people act as if it’s no big deal when it truly is.It’s sad to see that a women can have that type of attitude toward DV.

    I’m glad I read this post.

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