Why are There 4000 Unsolved Murders in the Nation’s Capitol?

Today I was reading the Washington Post. I had just finished reading the obituary of Wayman Tisdale. Tisdale lived a rich full life. He was successful in two different careers. He was a standout in the NBA, and he also enjoyed great success as a jazz musician. I glanced to the next page and a picture of a young man caught my attention. His story was quite different from Tisdale’s. The young man’s name was Damion Mikel King and the caption beneath the picture showed he was born Sept. 13, 1977 and he died May 16, 2000. This information was followed by this statement “One of the 4000 plus unsolved city homicides.” The chance of someone being charged with the murder of King at this point is between slim and nil. It has been 9 years and at this point this case is beyond cold it is in the deep freezer. Why did the police not find his killer? Could it be they are overworked and understaffed? Could it be that they could find no witnesses? Could it be that witnesses are afraid to talk because of fear of reprisal? There are so many possible reasons but the bottom line is this is a young man who died at the age of 23. How does a family move on without any real closure? They move on because they have no choice, and they grieve for their loved one whose legacy is reduced to being one of the 4000 plus unsolved murders in DC.

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